About Soaring Phoenix Energy & Body Work

We believe the body wants to be balanced and it is our goal to implement blood flow where it is stagnant. Each session is customized to assist each client to increase range the of motion in their body and hopefully assist in alleviating pain. Too often we get so busy taking care of others that we neglect ourselves. “There is no us without you, so you must take care of you.” This is a great first step in your self care journey.


What to expect: Here at Soaring Phoenix Energy and Bodywork your comfort and care is key. The massage table is heated to your comfort in addition to a memory foam topper. Our oils and products are selected with your care in mind and are organic. Each session includes optional infused essential oils to assist with relaxation and or respiratory aid. Hot towels are added relief for the back and feet.


Therapeutic massage is our passion. We put effort and care into every client that comes here for therapy.


This business is run with a high foundation in ethics and professionalism. Clients will be properly and securely draped to help both the clients and therapist feel secure and safe at all times. Any lewd comments, requests, and/or behavior will result in an immediate cancelation of appointments/services and will be reported immediately.


We look forward to assisting you with your holistic body care goals.