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Welcome all,

My Name is Ashley White and I am the creator of Soaring Phoenix Energy and Bodywork. I am therapeutic therapist with a foundation in energy work for over 8 years. My intention is to create a safe place where we focus on your goals and helping both your mind and body to achieve their optimal state of being. Each session is personalized  specifically for each individual client and kept within their comfort level to achieve the most improvement. I truly believe that if you work through the tension in the body while keeping the pressure within the desired threshold you can achieve the best results. If you can not comfortably breath through it, it is too deep. Having open communication is key. Just remember that with each deep exhalation you are releasing tension within the body. Helping to alleviate neuromuscular pain and increased range of motion is the physical goal for each session. I look forward to assisting you with your therapeutic holistic goals.  


Therapeutic Massage

Reiki Massage

Cupping Therapy